HyMet work packages (WP - technical)

WP1 will focus on development and validation of innovative new measurement methods of physical and electrical defects of thin film energy materials and devices. In order to support the validation of these activities, novel reference samples will be developed to allow calibration and quantification of the new methods.

WP2 will focus on establishing hybrid metrology facilities and methodologies to allow reliable multiparameter analysis of complex thin films used for energy applications. These methods will allow detailed investigation of correlation between different materials properties and allow identification of inhomogeneity at multiple scales via high resolution methods in 2D and 3D. Significant effort will be devoted towards data fusion and hybrid data analysis with a focus on developing a protocol for hybrid metrology integration. 

WP3 will focus on developing methodologies to measure how key materials and device properties change upon aging (degradation). New measurement setups for in-situ metrology will be developed and hybrid metrology approaches will be used to investigate aging in selected case studies proposed by stakeholders and industrial collaborators.

Work package Impact

Close interaction with stakeholders and a well-designed plan of knowledge transfer, training, dissemination and exploitation activities is central to this project. The large group of stakeholder partners will ensure a diverse view of needs and exploitation routes that will help maximise impact to ensure a safe and sustainable low carbon economy in Europe. In advance, potential contribution from collaborators will also add value to the project.

  • Impact on industrial and other user communities
  • Impact on the metrology and scientific communities
  • Impact on relevant standards