Czech Metrology Institute CMI

Opens external link in new windowCMI is the National Metrology Institute of the Czech Republic. It maintains and develops national standards and performs R&D in metrology.
CMI also provides top level calibration of standards and measuring instruments and it is active in legal metrology.

Department of Nanometrology has long term experiences with data processing software development and in the project focuses on establishing protocols and numerical tools for data fusion from different sensors and machines.

CMI is also active in large area measurements with very high resolution using contact and non-contact
techniques; these measurements are used to create data sets for hybrid metrology tools testing.

The department is equipped with several SPMs (e.g. Bruker Dimension Icon, large area SPM with centimetre scanning range, metrology SPM) and custom built imaging reflectometer.

CMI is also supporting the development of open source softwareOpens external link in new window Gwyddion, which is used for SPM data evaluation.