Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

Opens external link in new windowPTB is the National Metrology Institute of Germany with scientific and technical service tasks. PTB measures with the highest accuracy and reliability – metrology as the core competence. PTB stands for progress and reliability in metrology for the benefit of society, trade and industry, and science.

Three working groups researching on Radiometry and Spectrometry with synchrotron radiation in Berlin-Adlershof contribute to the Hymet project.

The Opens external link in new windowX-ray Spectrometry group (contact Opens window for sending emailCornelia Streeck or Opens window for sending emailBurkhard Beckhoff) provides services, research, and development for x-ray spectroscopic measurement techniques using synchrotron radiation. The developed experimental methods as well as the highly specialized and calibrated instrumentation allow for reference-free quantitative experiments and supplements available commercial laboratory equipment.

The group operates three beamlines at the PTB laboratory at the BESSY II, covering a photon energy range from 78 eV to 60 keV (15.9 nm to 0.02 nm).

Research activities and expertise cover the fields of surface and interface characterization of nano- and micro-scaled samples from key technologies, e.g. nanoelectronics, biotechnology, energy conversion, and storage or medicine exists.


The Opens external link in new windowX-ray Radiometry group (contact Opens window for sending emailMichael Krumrey) is responsible for radiometry in the X-ray range and for the application of X-rays in dimensional nanometrology. Some of the activities are X-ray detector calibration, characterization of X-ray optical components, thickness determination of nanolayers and size determination of nanoparticles. The working group operates 3 beamlines at BESSY II in the spectral range from 1.6 keV to 10 keV and uses 2 additional beamlines in adjacent spectral ranges.


The Opens external link in new windowUV and VUV Radiometry group (contact Opens window for sending emailMichael Kolbe) is active in the field of metrology with synchrotron radiation in the wavelength range between 400 nm (UV) down to 40 nm (VUV). For this purpose, two beamlines are operated at the Metrology Light Source (MLS) in Berlin-Adlershof: at a bending magnet, a measurement station equipped with a 1-m-normal-incidence monochromator (NIM) is used for detector-based radiometry and for characterization of materials and components regarding their spectral characteristics. At the U125 undulator of the MLS, a beamline for tunable undulator radiation in the spectral range between infrared and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) is used.

The research at the latter beamline is mainly based on analytical scientific challenges. Thus, a spectroscopic ellipsometer together with the ISAS institute is available as well as a photo-electron spectrometer.