VSL, Dutch Metrology Institute

Opens external link in new windowVSL is the national metrology institute of the Netherlands and makes measurements results of companies, laboratories and organizations directly traceable to international standards. The Dutch government has appointed VSL to maintain and develop the national measurement standards. VSL uses its knowledge and unique facilities to ensure the reliability of measurements in industry, society and science, contributing to better products, quality of life and scientific knowledge.           

In the last years VSL has worked on the implementation of contactless optical metrology instrumentation for nanometrology applications. Result of this work is a Coherent Fourier Scatterometry system, working at 372 nm and 532 nm, respectively. This system currently allows the characterization of diffraction gratings, multilayered systems and the determination of index and refraction and absorption of materials on a spatial range of 50 mm x 50 mm, all this with sub-wavelength spatial resolution and sub-nanometer precision. Additionally, VSL is also further extending its phase-sensitive optical metrology tools through the implementation of a metrologic Ptychographic system, with full field amplitude and phase control, for the characterization of fully phase objects, defects detection, optical systems characterization. Besides to this, the dimensional metrology group of VSL has also expertise on tactile nanometrology and on the development of virtual calibration standards at nanoscale.